Through the unfailing process of cause and effect, our acts, our words and out thoughts determine the happiness or the suffering that we will later experience.

If the balance of the scale of our acts leans to the negative side, we will suffer in the lower states of existence of samsara.

If it leans towards the positive, we will be able to liberate ourselves from samsara and attain Buddhahood in a single lifetime.

The choice is clear: avoid the causes of sorrow and thus be sure of happiness.

If you are born as a human being, in a place where Buddhism has flourished, and you meet an accomplished spiritual master. You can put his instructions into practice and reap immense benefits in this life and all future lives.

You will realise that your focus on worldly distractions and preoccupations is holding you prisoner in samsara, and you will begin to feel an intense desire to free yourself.

Right now, you are at the crossroads; one way leads to liberation, the other to the different realms of samsara.

A sutra says:

The body is the boat that can lead you to the shore of liberation.
The body is the stone that can make you sink into the abysses of samsara.
The body is the servant of vice and virtue.

Just as a pure crystal refracts the colour of whatever it is placed on. Your acts become negative or positive according to your intention.

It is therefore essential that you take the right path and direct your acts, words and thoughts the Dharma.

~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

(Reference: padmamalla, Instagram, 4 July 2020)

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