At the feet of the guru, I pay homage.

Recollecting impermanence and death,
Averting attachment to this life and cultivating renunciation.

These are the three means of limiting your concerns.
This is the instruction for turning the mind to Dharma.

Recognise sentient beings as your parents,
Meditate intensively on love and compassion,
And cultivate the supreme attitude of cherishing others above yourself.
This is the instruction for progressing along the Dharma path.

All phenomena throughout the universe
These vague, unexamined perceptions,
Are, when investigated, just like an illusion.
This is the instruction for pacifying confusion on the path.

Genuine dharmata, awareness and emptiness,
Untainted by thoughts of intellectual analysis –
Sustain it nakedly as pure self-knowing.
This is the instruction for confusion dawning as wisdom.

Elaborating further it would all become vast,
But this covers the fundamental points.
These four instructions include all the Dharma,
So put them into practice in this way.

~ Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro


(Reference: siddharthasintent, Instagram, 26 June 2020)

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